FAQs - General Questions
Q.1) - How can I apply for a loan online?

A.1) - It is very simple you just need to fill online application form on our website to provide your personal information and employment details.

Q.2) - How much time does it takes for a loan decision to be made?

A.2) - If you have provided the correct information then you will get a decision in minutes.

Q.3) - Is there any kind of fees while applying for a loan?

A.3) - No there is no broker fees charged when you applying with us. Any interest charges will be made by the lender as part of your loan agreement

Q.4) - I have less than perfect credit can I apply for credit?

A.4) - Yes of course you can. Some lenders are interested in providing loans to people with less than perfect credit histories.

Q.5) - When should I repay the credit?

A.5) - This depends on the terms and conditions of your agreement with your lender. Please check your agreement in full before signing it

Q.6) - Are there any conditions on use of the credit amount?

A.6) - You must only use the loan for emergency purposes and not for any frivolous use such as a holiday or to purchase gifts

Q7.) - What if I feel like I may be unable to repay the borrowed amount on time?

A7.) - Please contact your lender immediately. The sooner they know there’s a problem, the sooner they can start to help. They will do everything they can to make things easier for you. You’ll probably be surprised how understanding they are, so don’t be afraid – just pick up the phone now and if you need help locating phone numbers contact us using our contact page.

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